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Vogue ll, Model 40664B

Vogue ll, Model 40664B

Number of Bedrooms: 4

Number of Bathrooms: 2

Square Footage: 2,563


*For PRICING and to see if your property could accommodate this prefabricated home, give us a call/text or email us 



Our manufacturers are constantly developing and improving the products. With that being said, we reserve the right to change the retail price. Please note that these prices do not include delivery, set-up, permits, or taxes. The square footage and dimensions are approximate. The elevations and renderings of the homes may include optional features/finishes or third party additions.

  • Why Prefab Homes?

    Manufactured homes are no longer just “mobile homes.”  Pre-fabricated, factory built homes are designed to completion by YOU and are constructed in a streamlined factory process that allows you to make the most of your money.  Because manufactured homes are so cost-effective, they offer you a way to get more livable square footage for every dollar you put into it.  In addition, you can maximize your investment on a manufactured home by having it permanently affixed to private land.  This process allows you to obtain real property at a much lower cost than a traditional home purchase. Take a look at some of the beautiful custom options we offer and give us a call to get started on your new home!

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